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CNC Router

Holz-Her Conquest 250

 The CONQUEST 250 is a heavy duty state-of-the-art CNC router that provides an optimum combination of capabilities and price. The CONQUEST 250 will allow total full machining of 4" x 8" panels while taking up a minimal amount of shop floor space. The PC architecture controller that comes standard with a floppy drive will allow for easy transfer of machining programs. When a network card is added, the machine can be installed on a network allowing for automatic file transfer. When the CONQUEST 250 is combined with the proper software package it can be incorporated into a nested based manufacturing system that will allow complete machining of cabinet parts in one step.


bulletHeavy Cast Iron and Welded Steel construction
bulletPrecision Ground Ball Screws in all axes
bulletLarge High speed "Star Band" Linear Guides in all axes
bulletBrushless Drive Motors
bulletSolid Base Welded Together NOT Bolted
bullet10.7 HP electrospindle standard 800-18,000 rpm
bullet8 Position Tool Changer Standard Mounted on the Head
bulletBoring Block Standard with
-10 independent Vertical spindle s
-2 Double Horizontal spindles in X
-1 Double Horizontal spindle in Y
-X Axis Grooving Saw
bullet180 m3 Vacuum Pump
bulletAuto Lubrication
bullet49" x 98" Bakelite Table with the ability to be separated into 2 Work Zones
bulletPop-up pins on worktable for easier working with small pieces
bulletPC Architecture Industrial Controller
bulletFloppy Drive Standard
bulletIntegrated Hard Drive
bulletNetwork Capable
bulletFiber Optic Communications Inside Control
bulletSeparate Operator Control Console
bulletWindows Interface Optional
bulletColor LCD Screen for more Reliability
bulletPowerful Operator Interface

Source:  Holz-Her Website www.holzher.com




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